There was a musician who committed suicide years ago. He was an exceptional talent. Yet, he was an introvert in a job that required him to be an extrovert. Stories cropped up about him overcome with exhaustion, but he didn’t want to let his fans down. Let his management team. Let everyone around him down. Ultimately, he took his life.

His energy was sucked dry by something that he loved–his art. His death taught me five lessons:

1. You need to know what sucks your energy. Know what sucks your energy and when you are drained, especially emotionally and physically exhausted. If you find certain people exhausting it, find the strength to remove yourself and avoid them.

2. Find ways to take a break, even if it’s something you love. Loving something doesn’t mean it won’t exhaust you and that you don’t need a break. Find ways to take a break and get some space. You need to restore your mind, emotions, and body constantly.

3. It’s okay to let people down for your sanity and health. Try not to overcommit. But, if you need a break, take a break.

4. Learn how to say, ‘No’. Saying No will be the biggest help to preserving your energy. Learn how to say it, practice it, repeat it. Your energy conservation is your responsibility. People will use it for their purpose and exhaust you while they are preserving their own energy. Learn how to say no, for you.

5. Know what energizes you. Do it often. If you get energized by being around people – find things that allow you to do that. If you get energized by being alone and quiet – make sure you get that space. Take time to give yourself the gift of maintaining and restoring your energy.

You can’t drive a car on complete empty. You’ll ruin it. The same is true with your life, body and mind. Know what sucks your energy, learn how to say no, and know how to fill yourself with what you need.

– Shop Smart Girl

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