5 ways to help you determine if that dream purse–at a ridiculously low price–is a fake

  • If the place you’re purchasing it from looks sketchy, it’s a good chance it’s a fake. Sketchy means the physical location seems unkept. You feel as if a snake is slithering down your back–slowly. If you’re online it could mean that the site is unsecured, looks junky, or has misspelled words are all over the pages.
  • The purse, especially, a high quality purse such as a Louis Vuitton seems off somehow. The lettering is crooked, the colors seems a bit off, or the logo is backwards.
  • You have a gut feeling it feels like a fake. Don’t ignore this if you feel it. It could be wrong, but what if you spend your money and that gut feeling was right?
  • If the price is too low, it’s generally a fake. No one would sell a valuable purse so low it’s insulting, unless it was a fake, the seller truly want to get rid of it because of the memories, economy is bad, or they don’t know the value of it.
  • If you notice fakes on the site or at the location, then your purchase may end up being a fake too. Any place that sales fake intentionally is not a place to shop for authentic.

Do your research. Know what the authentic purse looks like. Search Google. If you cannot find any similar purses, especially if it is a recent design, it’s probably a fake.

– Shop Smart Girl

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